The Making of

The Pre-Season: An Inspirational Journey

The Making of MBody” is the prequel to our MBody series, which follows host Sol Ballard as she explores various modalities known and unknown to the main stream world to help others carve their own transformational journey.

As the name suggest, “The Making of Mbody” walks viewers through all the fun and challenging twists and turns that took part in the making of MBody the Docuseries.

The Making of MBody

Pre-Season Episodes:

The Psychology of Scent

Featuring Maurice Locke of OSME Perfumery

In our first “The Making of MBody” episode we decided to feature guest, Maurice from Osme Perfumery.  At the time our host Sol Ballard was looking to enhance her personal brand and she wanted a unique scent that would encompass her personality and brand in the professional setting.

We put together a team to capture and present this feature in the best way on set. We enjoyed collaborating with various brands on set, our stylist helped Sol put looks together throughout that day as well. This was challenging but we produced a feature that really helped us enhance our production and how were partnering with brands today.

What was supposed to be a perfume consultation to enhance Sol’s brand, ended up being a lesson on leveraging the psychology of scent.

Tuning Into the Sound of Healing

Featuring Alba The Sound Healer

In this Pre-Season episode of “The Making of MBODY” we had a huge breakthrough! At this point we still didn’t know what exactly we were filming but we knew we wanted to continue highlighting cool people helping others in unique ways. The MBODY team shows up to a floating yoga studio where immediately the vision for our series starts taking shape.

We figured how to proceed with our production as well as why we should tune into high vibrational melodies as our host, Sol Ballard sits down with sound healer Alba to get the scoop on what sound healing is and the benefits of this therapy. Watch to continue following the making of the MBODY journey and of course, let us know if you can answer this million dollar question, can sound really heal you?

The Impact of a Raw Vegan Lifestyle

In this pre-season of “The Making of MBODY” the series started to take shape! By now we knew we were filming a docuseries so we began filming as such. The series would follow the transformational journey of our host Sol Ballard.

At the time she was struggling with energy so we decided to consult our raw vegan chef named Carla because she had heard of the amazing benefits of the raw food lifestyle. As with anything in MBODY, it’s all an experimentation- Sol went out and wanted to see if this was the route for her.

We know this can be considered “extreme” for some people but is it really that extreme?

Contorting Your Mind and Body

Featuring Sofia Venanzetti

In this last pre-season episode of “The Making of MBody” things began to flow within the MBody production. We learned that we will always be tweaking and improving but we definitely felt like we hit our stride and set our rhythm.

This episode highlights how habits help make the seemingly impossible possible.

Watch along as Sol Ballard gets into the mind of her contortionist friend Sofia and learns how to push past limitations using the power of habit and mindset combined. This is basically mind contortion!

We know this can be considered “extreme” for some people but is it really that extreme?

All Change Begins With The Mind (The Way We Think) or The Body (What We Do)

MBODY is short for Mind + Body . It’s a docuseries that challenges conventional thinking and experiments with alternative modalities for personal transformation.

At MBODY we challenge the conventional path, we believe that what we truly desire in life is a result of forging our own path.

Watch Our Pre-Season Special:

The Making Of MBODY

Watch our journey as we share inspiring features and tell the story of how things evolved since we first picked up the camera earlier this year.

Each episodes follow our host Sol Ballard’s journey to inspire and encourages you to do your own exploration as she presents practical easy-to-implement tools you can start applying today to see change and transformation in your life.

Our goal is to share a unique journey that explores the thinking and behaviors of high performers and experts who are changing people’s lives. As we carefully research and select people to feature, we also are excited to present some amazing experiences that are transforming people’s lives as well.

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