Premiere Episode Special:

Silent Disco Therapy?

Featuring Julia Grace

About This Episode:

When most people think of going to therapy they think of lying on their therapist’s couch, pouring their deepest darkest secrets on the table while going through a psychoanalytical journey. But in reality, this is a limited view on therapy deterring many from accessing the healing they crave.

There are many misconceptions about what therapy is, why one would go to therapy, and the effectiveness of alternative modalities. Many people don’t realize that they have the power to carve their own transformational path. Follow our host Sol Ballard as she explores dance therapy with Wave Silent Disco founder, Julia Grace and goes on a quest to find out if dance therapy is more or equally effective as talk therapy, Watch the episode and find out!

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All Change Begins With The Mind (The Way We Think) or The Body (What We Do)

MBODY is short for Mind + Body . It’s a docuseries that challenges conventional thinking and experiments with alternative modalities for personal transformation.

At MBODY we challenge the conventional path, we believe that what we truly desire in life is a result of forging our own path.

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